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Van Lanigh


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"Inspired by great masters as Vrubel and Monet, Van Lanigh creates figurative and landscape pieces. Her unique style is a reaction to abstractionism in an attempt to capture surrealistic yet casual reality. This is especially underlined by new forms and materials used in Van Lanigh’s artworks aimed to achieve the viewer’s resonance between visual effect and message of the painting.
One of her experiments is getting Pointillism into 3D space by making a series of human-face sculptures with small colorful handcrafted polymer clay balls."


  • See you in the space

    See you in the space

    40 x 120 cm / USD 2,800.00

  • Triptych Boys don't cry

    Triptych Boys don't cry

    30 x 72 cm / USD 2,800.00

  • Little Dark Age

    Little Dark Age

    80 x 60 cm / USD 2,800.00

  • Golden Boy

    Golden Boy

    100 x 80 cm / USD 4,500.00

  • Inner Mind's

    Inner Mind's

    90 x 70 cm / USD 4,300.00

  • Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    42 x 30 cm / USD 1,070.00

  • Without You I’m Nothing

    Without You I’m Nothing

    50 x 50 cm / USD 1,070.00

  • Voices (Jeanne d'Arc)

    Voices (Jeanne d'Arc)

    42 x 30 cm / USD 750.00

  • Thunder


    21 x 30 cm / USD 500.00

  • Scream


    30 x 30 cm / USD 2,800.00