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Amador Sevilla


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Graduated from BB.AA. in Seville, I work with traditional and digital media, oil, watercolor, ink... The last works are made with the collage technique, only using magazine paper and glue, without other means. My works are figurative, fantastic realism, imaginary worlds close to the steampunk style.
Amador’s imagination and creativity, together with his love of drawing, led him to matriculate at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, where he specialized in Painting (1990).
Over the past 20 years Amador has worked as a graphic designer at Ayesa Engineering, on a variety of different projects, enhancing each of them in value with his artistic and creative approach.
As a graphic designer he has produced infographics, renderings, presentations, photo retouchings, illustrations, corporate images, 3d printing, and industrial design and
In the field of plastic arts he confesses his passion for different traditional mediums, such as oil, acrylic, graphite, ink, watercolor, collage, etc.
He has participated in both individual and collective exhibitions, as well as competitions.
He has also taught private drawing and painting classes.


  • The traveller

    The traveller

    40 x 70 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • Wanderer


    40 x 70 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • The Green House

    The Green House

    40 x 70 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • The arrival

    The arrival

    40 x 70 cm / Sold Out

  • The ship

    The ship

    40 x 70 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • On the edge

    On the edge

    70 x 50 cm / Sold Out

  • At the end of the world

    At the end of the world

    40 x 40 cm / USD 1,600.00

  • The suitcase

    The suitcase

    40 x 70 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • End


    60 x 60 cm / USD 2,400.00

  • Menina reader

    Menina reader

    60 x 60 cm / USD 2,400.00

  • Lilies


    50 x 50 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • Flowers


    50 x 50 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • Whim


    52.5 x 42.5 cm / USD 1,800.00

  • Infinite horizon

    Infinite horizon

    50 x 100 cm / USD 3,000.00

  • The adventure

    The adventure

    60 x 40 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • Spirit of adventure

    Spirit of adventure

    60 x 50 cm / USD 2,200.00

  • Home


    70 x 50 cm / USD 2,400.00