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Mauro Di Berardino


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the style that most belongs to me and allows me to fully express myself is Neo-Expressinism. But I'm merging it with Street and Pop to create a very personal sign. I want my paintings to be souls that speak to another soul.
Mauro initially trained as a self-taught, later he started attending the
world of art. He befriends established artists from whom he finds new stimuli
which lead him to discover other techniques.
Basically he paints on canvas or linen paper with acrylics, ink and oil pastels
the latter mainly uses it to let himself go on the canvas, free as a waterfall.
In his initial phase the subjects of his works are mainly the eyes, he dedicates most of them
of the time to realize the look, which according to him must transport the observer.
Painting is a blind profession. One does not paint what one sees, but what one does
he feels, what he says to himself about what he has seen. In the second phase that begins after a contamination by Twombly and Basquiat he decides to stop painting the eyes and make the whole work like a soul that is at the bottom of the eye. It detaches itself from the figurative style to embrace the NeoExpressionism where it manages to express itself fully.


  • I am a Hero

    I am a Hero

    160 x 100 cm / Sold Out

  • Cap n.1

    Cap n.1

    90 x 65 cm / USD 3,700.00

  • Reborn


    160 x 110 cm / USD 3,500.00

  • Face


    173 x 160 cm / USD 2,500.00

  • Woman in red

    Woman in red

    80 x 80 cm / USD 2,500.00

  • Inside Dream

    Inside Dream

    160 x 240 cm / USD 10,000.00

  • Bird of freedom

    Bird of freedom

    160 x 220 cm / USD 6,500.00

  • Mind pollution

    Mind pollution

    80 x 112 cm / USD 3,500.00

  • Lo,ve


    90 x 80 cm / USD 4,000.00

  • King None

    King None

    50 x 50 cm / USD 1,900.00