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Joseph Hellman

United Kingdom

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My paintings recreate my experience of relationships to people, places and moments, past and present. I paint portraits from life in my London studio, where I sculpt a visual representation of my relationship to the subject in a way that is bold and gestural. I also paint as a way of reliving my past experiences and as a means of interpreting and understanding the beautiful, complex world I live in. Travelling extensively through Asia has been a great inspiration for my work.
Joe Hellman is a 22 year old painter from London who works from his studio.
Painting primarily from life in oil paint, Joe sculpts a visual representation of his relationship to the sitter onto the canvas, resulting in vibrant and gestural portraits that he hopes capture the essence of the subject beyond the observational detail. He has recently had a portrait featured in the Sep 20 issue of World of interiors magazine.
Joe relives his experiences of travelling through Asia and the middle east through the medium of oil painting. He has recently been making a series works relating to his experience of Nepal, influenced by conversations, sketches, photographs and his sensory understanding of the beautiful and spiritually rich country. Painting is the vehicle by which he recalls and processes his experiences.


  • Omar


    61 x 45.5 cm / USD 750.00

  • Torso


    80 x 70 cm / USD 900.00

  • Jungle, Nepal

    Jungle, Nepal

    61 x 76 cm / USD 600.00

  • Assembly, Nepal

    Assembly, Nepal

    30.5 x 40.5 cm / Sold Out

  • Goats, Nepal

    Goats, Nepal

    50 x 76 cm / USD 600.00