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yoshihiro nishimura


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I have been working to express the "something quiet" that lurks in the depths of various events and people's words. It continues.
In order to create more than words, the poet uses his own words to create images from the world's universe. I convey the image of my own mind to the clay, pile it up in the form of a clay sculpture, and brew it with ceramic techniques.
I myself grew up in an era in which traditional Japanese culture and post-war Western culture coexisted, and I believe that it is important for me to learn about human development and The filter through which I feel about things is probably rooted in a Japaneseized Buddhist culture and philosophy. I think. They are also an important element in the work as a reference or homage.
The work is not a story that follows the times or has a conclusion, but rather a narrative that is based on the ≒I can only imagine that there is a presence that can resonate with the "something quiet" lurking in the back of my mind.
About JG Heckelmann
The photo artist Jurgen Heckelmann was born in Munich in 1973 and grew up there. Parallel to his technical Craftsmanship training in aircraft construction, Jurgen Heckelmann has devoted himself since 1993 to intensive analogue and digital photography with all its possibilities; a passion that he perfected with further academic education in image processing, layout and illustration. His artistic work focuses on architecture and nature, which he designs with his monumental power and in fascinating dimensions. Heckelmann`s images develop a peculiar depth that blurs time and space. Heckelmann finds his motifs in his home country as well as on numerous journeys around the world. His creative gaze can be focused on his surroundings, the perception of the right moment, the discovery of the extraordinary perspective, the play of light and shadow, impressive symmetries and panoramas, and the seemingly inconspicuous detail. With the camera, he explores the stark northern landscapes, sometimes pulsating metropolises - and feels the pulse, the rhythm of life here and now, in the rain, in the storm or under sun, by day or night.
Jurgen Heckelmann lives and works in Munich.
From 1st May to 15th August 2014 MLP financial service providers - Munich - Germany (E)

From 15th August to 15th October 2014 Galerie Roucka Munich (T)

From 1st. June to 31th. July 2015 BoConcept Munich

From 1st May 2014 to December 2017 - Holiday Inn City Center Munich (E)

From 7th August to 18th September 2016 - Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (T)

From 25th May to 09th June Author Gallery 1 (T)

From 4th October to 24th October Author Gallery 1 (E)

From 12th January to 26th January 2018 Author Gallery 1 (T)

From 21th May to October Law Office Weindel
Munich Sonnenstreet 1(E)

From 20th November to 12th December 2018 Author Gallery 1
Topic: Photographic dimensions and depths of Architecture part 2 (E)

From to November 2018
exhibition of works Photo 18 Munich Praterinsel

From 08th January to 23th January 2019 Author Gallery 1
Topic: "With Kind Regards VI" (T)

From 10th to 14th January 2019 exhibition of works
PhotoSCHWEIZ 19 - Zurich

From 17th January to 15th March SPD citizen's office Photographic dimensions and depths of Architecture part 2 (E)

From 15th to 18th August in Zurich

From 15th to 17th November the 3. Edition of PhotoMunich 19 - Praterinsel (T)

From 2th to 8th. December ART Basel art week Miami - Galerie Wynwood


  • The Boy of Tomorrow

    The Boy of Tomorrow

    34.7 x 30.5 cm / USD 3,333.33

  • quiet day

    quiet day

    40 x 24 cm / USD 3,238.10

  • meditation


    28.5 x 23.4 cm / USD 2,666.67

  • moonbeams


    37.5 x 36.7 cm / USD 2,952.38

  • empty hope

    empty hope

    15.2 x 35.3 cm / USD 1,523.81

  • pianist


    40 x 25 cm / USD 1,190.48