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One of the artists who impressed her was Max Klinger, a late 19th century symbolist. When creating a work of art, a story like a short story first comes to mind, and then the imagination is inspired, and each piece of art is a part of the story. They are born like a scene. For this reason, her works often develop as a series. When she was in elementary school, she was fascinated by scientific magazines, and when she was in middle and high school, she was fascinated by Japanese literature of the Meiji and early Showa periods. She went on to study Ecosystem Studies at university and completed her master's degree at the Graduate School of Bordeaux in France. As an artist, her passion for science has always been a source of inspiration. She is receiving. She likes the feeling of traveling into the world of imagination and spirit while incorporating a scientific and social background, and the reality with a comfortable silence, evoking a strange sense of discomfort that seems to shake the line between fiction and She explores expressions that speak to us.
After receiving a master's degree in Ecological Systems from the University of Bordeaux I in Gironde, France, as a French government-sponsored student from 2005 to 2007, she shifted her focus from her art activities, which she had been engaged in since she was a student, to her life. Since 2014, he has been working mainly with prints, and in 2016, he moved his base to Paris. His prints were used as the interior of a Parisian apartment in the French film "Lovers in Paris" directed by Louis Garrel (released in Japan in December 2019).


  • Lévitation III

    Lévitation III

    24 x 17 cm / USD 80.00

  • Lévitation XXI

    Lévitation XXI

    30 x 30 cm / USD 360.00

  • Lévitation XXVII

    Lévitation XXVII

    38 x 28 cm / USD 340.00

  • Lévitation XXVIII

    Lévitation XXVIII

    38 x 28 cm / USD 340.00

  • Lévitation XXXII

    Lévitation XXXII

    38 x 28 cm / USD 380.00

  • Fluctuation after the Quinary period

    Fluctuation after the Quinary period

    30 x 21 cm / USD 240.00

  • Transition recto I

    Transition recto I

    18 x 20 cm / USD 200.00