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kim kyoung hwan

South Korea

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In korean. very sorry. I am a painter majoring in design in the generation of computers and tablets who praise nature as it is. There are many times that I was embarrassed thanks to the viewers who misunderstood it as a photo exhibition at every exhibition. My work aims for naturalism based on realism, not ultra-realistic or surreal, and I try to draw the emotions felt through my eyes in the natural state as much as possible. "Nature is the most perfect art as it is" We complete the paintings one by one through the motor that naturalness is the best beauty. We are from nature, and we have a duty to care for it and protect it. On my canvas (wood panel), I have a compassion for thinking that even though it is waste made and discarded by human needs, they must have the original form and soul that they had in the beginning.


  • JSH_No19


    30 x 91 cm / USD 7,500.00