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Zinna kim

South Korea

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Nature and color are important elements that connect my work.
The past of my life and the color in me meet, and it contains various stories such as beauty, warmth, sadness, and longing.
I am inspired by nature and life experiences. Also I look freedom by observing the color of nature that changes according to the change of seasons such as trees, roads, flowers, etc.
Zinna Kim Graduate from the Department of Painting at Hannam University
Private Exhibitions 2018 Cafe de Gallery. 2018 Green Cross Company.
2017 Hangaram Art Museum. 2018 Um Gallery. 2018. 2016 M Gallery. 2014. Reuben Gallery.Group Exhibitionskorea , Russia Art Interchange Exhibition (Khabarovsk, fedotov Gallery) 2019
Bank Art Fair Singapore (Shangri-La Hotel) 2019
Busan Annual Market of Art (Bexco Busan) 2019
Affordable Art Fair New York Springs (Metropolitan Pavilion) 2019
Step on the current step exhibition (Chsun Ilbo art museum) 2018.
Korean Art , Vietnam Hanoi" exhibition (Hanoi Museum of Contemporary Art) 2018.
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics World Art Festival exhibition(Korean Art Museum)2018
Japan Yokohama Exhibition (Yokohama Rock Gallery) 2017.Korea Fine Arts Association Exhibitions (Hangaram Art Museum) 2017.Mokwoo International Contemporary Art Festival (Hangaram Art Museum) 2017.Korean Young Artist Invitation Exhibitions(Vivaldi Art House) 2017.SCAF Art Fair (Lotte Hotel Sogong-dong) 2017.New Year Artists(former Seoul National Assembly) 2017.Kyungbok Palace Art Grand Exhibition (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art) 2015.
The exhibitor of Object and Relationship Contest at Young Art Gallery 2014.Italy Exhibitions (msm gallery in Tuscany, Italy) 2013.Korean Art Exhibitions (Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeongbokgung Palace Branch)2013.Excellent Artist New Chun Planning Invitation Exhibitions (La Mer Gallery) 2011.Award / Selection
-A cover-selection artist of March issue for Korea GUKBO Literature 2017.
-The winner of the Special Prize 2017 for Korean Modern art contest.
-The chosen artist for Mokwoohoe International Art Fair 2017.
-The current member of Korean Fine Arts Association.


  • Always spring

    Always spring

    45.5 x 53 cm / USD 820.00

  • Yellow autumn

    Yellow autumn

    53 x 65.2 cm / USD 1,070.00

  • Lovely


    53 x 53 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Sunflower


    60.6 x 60.6 cm / USD 1,640.00

  • LOVE


    60.6 x 60.6 cm / USD 1,640.00

  • Green forest

    Green forest

    72.7 x 91 cm / USD 2,700.00

  • Yellow tree

    Yellow tree

    80.3 x 80.3 cm / USD 3,500.00

  • Blue birch forest

    Blue birch forest

    53 x 53 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Red birch forest

    Red birch forest

    38 x 38 cm / USD 620.00

  • Green travel

    Green travel

    53 x 65.2 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Spring Festival

    Spring Festival

    53 x 72.7 cm / USD 1,640.00

  • Bright happiness

    Bright happiness

    45 x 45 cm / USD 820.00

  • Pink


    31.8 x 31.8 cm / USD 490.00

  • Always spring2

    Always spring2

    53 x 65.2 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Summer aroma

    Summer aroma

    65 x 91 cm / USD 2,700.00

  • Remember There

    Remember There

    60.6 x 60.6 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Always spring 3

    Always spring 3

    60.6 x 72.7 cm / USD 1,230.00

  • Red fall

    Red fall

    60.6 x 72.7 cm / USD 1,230.00