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George - Maran Varthalitis


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Concept and theory are necessary to frame art. Clarity is using symbolism in order to find a way to the truth. Everywhere, there is a picture to be reformed. Appointment, reminder, awareness, are not necessary to be experiential. Issues such as the destruction of the environment on human responsibility or the decadence of modern man (Homo Urbanus) are what concern me.
George Maran Varthalitis was born in Greece, in the region of Athens and he is the third child of the poet Ioannis Varthalitis and Evgenia Antonopoulos. He is a Greek artist and conjectural and he is also a life member of UNESCO and awarded from UNESCO, I.A.F. and International Arts Conference. George Maran Varthalitis studied "Art conservation" at the University of Indianapolis and "Visual Arts" at the Academy of Florence, honored with a scholarship of the Catholic Church of Greece, where he graduated with honors. He has also attended a course on "Traditional Building Conservation" and he has also studied Byzantine hagiography, fresco painting and tessellation.


  • Shy Girl

    Shy Girl

    40 x 21 cm / USD 4,000.00

  • The Beauty

    The Beauty

    60 x 42 cm / USD 7,500.00

  • The Fanfare of the Bishop

    The Fanfare of the Bishop

    42 x 30 cm / USD 1,000.00