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Alina Kashitsyna


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She was born in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Has got a diploma with award on piano and music composing (Vinnytsia, Ukraine). Studied landscape architecture in Saint-Petersburg Forest Academy, graduated with award in 2013 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Since 2017 studies Interior Design and Architecture in the University of West Attica (Athens, Greece). Constantly takes part in the exhibitions and art events in Greece and abroad showing interest for visual arts (installations, photography, performance, digital and video art) and sound design (sound & music composing and performing).

She couldn't escape becoming an artist. Grown up in the artistic surrounding she learned to sense the art with all her being. Classical music and choreography predefined her way in the performance art; studying architecture taught her to feel the space; design studies and travelling around the world made her understand a very important thing: being an artist means waking up one person and going to sleep a different one.


  • Unity No.1

    Unity No.1

    60 x 80 cm / USD 700.00

  • Dialogue No.1

    Dialogue No.1

    80 x 60 cm / USD 700.00

  • Dancing Lines No.1

    Dancing Lines No.1

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.2

    Dancing Lines No.2

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.3

    Dancing Lines No.3

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.4

    Dancing Lines No.4

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.5

    Dancing Lines No.5

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.6

    Dancing Lines No.6

    50 x 35 cm / USD 300.00

  • Dancing Lines No.7

    Dancing Lines No.7

    35 x 50 cm / USD 300.00

  • Stay & Wander no.1

    Stay & Wander no.1

    35 x 50 cm / USD 400.00

  • Stay & Wander no.2

    Stay & Wander no.2

    50 x 35 cm / USD 400.00