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Nino Gabashvili

United States of America

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Hello, my name is Nino. I was painting all my life. I love to paint Nature, cute animals, birds, fairies, angels and more. I get my inspiration from nature and life experiences.

I like to paint in acrylics, watercolors, inks and pencils.

I like to work in modern art, also in pop surrealism.
Nino Gabashvili was born in Tibilisi, the Republic of Georgia where she studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. She was born into a family of professional artists. Nino loves what she does and is always working on developing new styles to express her creativity. Nino is member of Artists Union of Georgia since 2006.


  • Cute Gnome

    Cute Gnome

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 250.00

  • walking fish

    walking fish

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 250.00

  • Cute cat

    Cute cat

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 280.00

  • lantern plant

    lantern plant

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 260.00

  • Two flower beauties

    Two flower beauties

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 250.00

  • black eyed Anemones

    black eyed Anemones

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 250.00

  • Cute octopus

    Cute octopus

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 300.00

  • Gold fish

    Gold fish

    15.1 x 23 cm / USD 280.00