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Brian Schorn

United States of America

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As an artist and as a human being, I seek to explore the transmutation of matter and mind for the benefit of all. Using found material and mixed-media techniques, I integrate contemplative practices that focus on perception, impermanence, and equanimity. Alchemy and Buddhist philosophy contribute to the conceptual foundation of my work.
Brian Schorn is an American multi-disciplinary artist practicing out of his Studio Rubedo workshop where he uses a variety of media including assemblage, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. He has an extensive education in the arts with MFA degrees in visual art, electronic music, creative writing, and graphic design. Since the 1980s, Brian's art has been displayed regionally, nationally and internationally in thirteen solo exhibitions and over seventy group exhibitions. He has attended artist residencies throughout the United States including Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, and Connecticut. Further, Brian's music, poetry, and design have been performed, published, and exhibited throughout the world. Numerous public institutions and private collectors have acquired his work.

In addition to being a professional artist, Brian has experience as an art/design educator, arts program developer, graphic designer, museum/gallery preparator and board member for various arts and nature organizations. He has also served as a volunteer for hospice and wildlife rehabilitation organizations.

As a complement to his art experience, he is an avid naturalist, an outdoor adventurer and a meditation practitioner within the Tibetan and Zen Buddhist traditions.

In 2018, Brian founded Studio Rubedo LLC, a contemporary art gallery and artist workshop in Alpena, Michigan. He curates and exhibits solo and group exhibitions of local, regional, and national contemporary artists working in all mediums. Brian also teaches a variety of educational art workshops and mentorship programs, hosts open studio events and contributes to the local community through various volunteer roles.


  • 108 Malas for 108 Kleshas

    108 Malas for 108 Kleshas

    56 x 50 cm / USD 2,120.00

  • A Beginner’s Guide to the Animal Kingdom

    A Beginner’s Guide to the Animal Kingdom

    32 x 44 cm / USD 1,520.00

  • A Field Guide to the Button Kingdom

    A Field Guide to the Button Kingdom

    26 x 26 cm / USD 1,030.00

  • Alternating Grain

    Alternating Grain

    15 x 15 cm / USD 595.00

  • Alternating Slots

    Alternating Slots

    14 x 12 cm / USD 520.00

  • Assorted Animal Occuli

    Assorted Animal Occuli

    14 x 14 cm / USD 560.00

  • Emergent Enso

    Emergent Enso

    18 x 25 cm / USD 855.00

  • Enso of Samsara

    Enso of Samsara

    21 x 21 cm / USD 840.00

  • Form is Emptiness/Emptiness is Form

    Form is Emptiness/Emptiness is Form

    28 x 28 cm / USD 1,120.00

  • Knots


    24 x 24 cm / USD 960.00

  • Mending


    24 x 24 cm / USD 960.00

  • Nail Collection

    Nail Collection

    7.3 x 22.3 cm / USD 590.00

  • Primordial Dot

    Primordial Dot

    28 x 21.5 cm / USD 990.00

  • Rope or Snake

    Rope or Snake

    24 x 21 cm / USD 895.00

  • Slice of a Zen Garden

    Slice of a Zen Garden

    26 x 14 cm / USD 785.00

  • Wheel of Life

    Wheel of Life

    40 x 19 cm / USD 1,180.00