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清水 伶

Ryo Shimizu


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What I appeals in my paintings is the uncertainness of visible things. The glitch (video noise) is like a boundary between the viewer and the other side of the canvas, and the glitch prevents from capturing the visual information directly and give you that suspicious feeling. I also try to collage the images from social media and manipulate the information to make the original meaning unreadable. Despite the medium of flat painting, it is a work with the depth that overlaps in multiple layers.
I am inspired by Francis Bacon's technique of the brush strokes and the way to use the image, and I mix with Gerhard Richter-inspired technique of using video noise.
After working as a commercial filmmaker for nearly 20 years, including corporate advertisements and music videos, he shifted to an artist focusing on pictorial expression in 2018. He creates works in a style that incorporates the unique perspective and techniques of a video artist.


  • Edobe


    80.3 x 53 cm / Sold Out

  • Kosuke


    40 x 40 cm / Sold Out

  • Mono Omou Koi

    Mono Omou Koi

    45.5 x 38 cm / USD 761.90

  • Uwaki No Sou

    Uwaki No Sou

    45.5 x 38 cm / USD 761.90

  • Takashimaya Ohisa

    Takashimaya Ohisa

    33.5 x 25 cm / USD 380.95

  • Adolf


    65.2 x 53 cm / Sold Out

  • Mermaid


    80.3 x 80.3 cm / USD 1,428.57

  • Church


    80.3 x 80.3 cm / USD 1,428.57

  • Platform


    80.3 x 80.3 cm / USD 1,428.57

  • Summer Kiss

    Summer Kiss

    45.5 x 38 cm / USD 761.90