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Barbara Hangan


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I tried a variety of techniques as I am constantly experimenting. Currently I use oil paints and an old Flemish painting technique. In a work of art, I like bringing old frames back to life, and I like matching them with my paintings.
Beauty matters to me. I just love to bring classical beauty into contemporary art.
I was born in a family of artists and painting has been my calling from as early as I can remember. It was the form of art I knew I could confidently use to express my feelings and emotions the way I wanted to. My parents helped me follow my artistic path. I went to the local Art School Romul Ladea in Cluj as a high school student, and later on graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Zachary


    98 x 98 cm / USD 14,000.00

  • Evening Ball in Oval Hall

    Evening Ball in Oval Hall

    86 x 74 cm / USD 15,000.00

  • Thirty Seven

    Thirty Seven

    84 x 70 cm / USD 17,000.00

  • Ibarra


    106 x 96 cm / USD 20,000.00

  • Maya the Unfaithful

    Maya the Unfaithful

    153 x 73 cm / USD 16,000.00

  • The Poetry of Material Things

    The Poetry of Material Things

    78 x 72 cm / USD 14,000.00

  • Song for Zula

    Song for Zula

    99 x 73 cm / USD 18,000.00

  • Dinner


    123 x 53 cm / USD 14,000.00

  • Veni, vidi, amavi

    Veni, vidi, amavi

    64 x 64 cm / USD 12,000.00

  • Pomegranate


    79 x 79 cm / USD 13,000.00

  • Trash the Dress

    Trash the Dress

    80 x 55 cm / USD 9,000.00

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    36 x 31 cm / USD 6,000.00