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Merete Lassen

Virgin Islands (US)

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The core of my work is the search for patterns and details in everyday life and it involves a playful investigation into colour and shape. Built environments and finding beauty in the discarded is a great inspiration. Through arrangement and adding colour I reveal the dormant beauty and value of the material.
Norwegian artis based in Gothenburg Sweden. I have a BFA from University of New south wales, Sydney Australia.
My artistic practise has involved creating art for public environments


  • Mottainai 1:07

    Mottainai 1:07

    52 x 54 cm / USD 620.00

  • Mottainai 1:11

    Mottainai 1:11

    31 x 45 cm / USD 620.00

  • Mottainai 5:20

    Mottainai 5:20

    23 x 32 cm / USD 550.00

  • Mottainai 5:21

    Mottainai 5:21

    28 x 35 cm / USD 550.00

  • Preservation 1:01

    Preservation 1:01

    83 x 57 cm / USD 1,650.00

  • Preservation 1:02

    Preservation 1:02

    83 x 57 cm / USD 1,650.00