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中村 成二

Nakamura Seiji


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My ideas is come from everywhere by watching and listening However, I still have a hard time trying to make it a concrete work. The painting materials used are on the illustration board, and the pencils are used from 10H to 10B. I am aiming for ultra-fine paintings, so I don't need much time.
This year is 2020 and illustrator calendar 50 years. Original painting that was the original goal. Right now I'm looking for a beautiful Japanese painting with a pencil. A beautiful picture with a simple screen composition and a sense of tension. The idea is to explore not only person but human figures.
Born in 1947. Dropped out of Kyushu Sangyo University, Faculty of Art, Department of Design. Illustrator, pencil artist. Illustration for publications. Since the yearbook "Illustration in Japan" in 1972, his works have been included in "TopIllustratorsSEXYUP", "Illustration Woman", "Modulation", "Illustration Woman", "Sensual Illustrations", and many other illustration books. His work has been included in many illustration books. However, all of them are out of print.


  • Seaside Cafe-1

    Seaside Cafe-1

    39 x 28 cm / USD 182.00

  • Seaside Cafe-2

    Seaside Cafe-2

    38 x 28 cm / USD 136.00

  • Light red flowers

    Light red flowers

    37 x 28 cm / USD 164.00

  • The dream of the dream is true

    The dream of the dream is true

    28 x 40 cm / USD 182.00

  • Beni Koi (Green)

    Beni Koi (Green)

    40 x 28 cm / USD 109.00

  • Skin-1 Woman held by a dragon

    Skin-1 Woman held by a dragon

    40 x 28 cm / USD 255.00

  • Skin-2


    42 x 26 cm / USD 200.00