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安藤 充

Ando Mitsuru


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The theme is Nature Algorithm. The concept is :
Growing trees, flowers and creatures.
DNA, the thread of life, is circulating water, sand blowing in the wind, shining light, eroded gangs ... all kinds of factors rubbing, weaving and changing.
To capture changes that occur in microseconds in the unit of a millennium time in the closed time of a two-dimensional painting. The algorithm of nature has been rebuilt with the touch and strokes of ink painting and Rinpa, specializing in expressing nature since ancient times.
The work is drawn on the paper which supports with a board or canvas, by using oil paint, acrylic paint, ink, etc.
2010年 トーキョーワンダーウォール賞受賞。2013年損保ジャパン美術展FACE2013、以後2018年、2019年、2020年入選。リキテックスアートプライズ2014審査員賞受賞。2016年Lumine meets art 2016入賞。2019年 第二回枕崎国際芸術祭入選。 自然物というモチーフから、時間の単位や動きのリズムで捉えた形象を、水墨画、琳派を思わせる表現で制作を行っている。


  • World Serpent

    World Serpent

    91 x 117 cm / USD 2,857.14

  • Mountain and Water

    Mountain and Water

    38 x 45.5 cm / USD 619.05

  • Algorithmic SANSUI

    Algorithmic SANSUI

    45 x 90 cm / Sold Out

  • Green Algorithm

    Green Algorithm

    41 x 31.8 cm / USD 380.95

  • Birds nest

    Birds nest

    45.5 x 33.3 cm / USD 523.81

  • Drop on the Leaf

    Drop on the Leaf

    91 x 61 cm / USD 1,904.76

  • Nature Algorithm

    Nature Algorithm

    112 x 145 cm / USD 4,285.71

  • Wave Algorithm

    Wave Algorithm

    33 x 45 cm / USD 742.86