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秋山 佳奈子



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I use the allegory to create works of art, such as paintings, prints, and installations, using the contradictions and uncomfortable feelings of living in modern society. My works are often inspired by historical events, literary works, folklore, and performing arts, and these are used as hints to give a complex meaning to the people who live today. I often draw people with unclear faces in her work, but they are not fixed people, they may be me or you. At first glance, the world depicted in the work is like another person's affair, but it may be an event that falls on the viewer.
2010 Completed Graduate School of Tama Art University, majoring in Printmaking

The 22nd Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition (Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki)
USAGI Exhibition (Nakanosawa Art Museum)
Story teller: Weaving a story (Akibatamavi 21)
Art Project Takasaki (Takasaki City)
Pusan International Art Fair (Korea)

Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Scholar
Oyama City Young Artist Development Support Program


  • yu-jo and kamuro1

    yu-jo and kamuro1

    86 x 75 cm / USD 1,714.29

  • yu-jo and kamuro3

    yu-jo and kamuro3

    72.7 x 91 cm / USD 2,571.43

  • Japanese Bunny Girl1

    Japanese Bunny Girl1

    64 x 44.5 cm / USD 761.90

  • Japanese Bunny Girl2

    Japanese Bunny Girl2

    64 x 44.5 cm / USD 761.90