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Òdayakana Tuna


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I studied art and Photography in my earlier years.My aim is to reveal nature in all its glory by searching in minute places to bring to light and peoples attention the beauty which lays within the earth,the earth is the artist.I work in an extreme Macro mode and study Agate Diodes and silica plates .
A reclusive artist and experimental Photographer


  • Lunar Desert

    Lunar Desert

    53 x 65 cm / USD 1,435.00

  • Sand Dunes of Time

    Sand Dunes of Time

    53 x 65 cm / USD 1,435.00

  • Lace cage

    Lace cage

    53 x 65 cm / USD 1,765.00

  • Sand Life ripples

    Sand Life ripples

    53 x 65 cm / USD 1,500.00