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月田 エミ

Tsukita Emi


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I was fascinated by ink paintings expressed using simple materials such as "paper, ink, and water" and started producing them.
The movement of ink running freely on paper has a fresh and mysterious charm that seems to be drawn by yourself and drawn with the help of something.
Although the main theme is animals, animals have a solemn aspect and, on the other hand, a humorous aspect that makes them enjoy living. Humor involves brightness and power.
The theme is to express the "serious and humorous" atmosphere of animals with such vitality.
A picture is a cut out of a moment's scene, but I'm working on it so that I can feel a story.
After working as a graphic designer and planning designer for toys and goods
After working as a freelance illustrator for advertising materials and character design.
In 2017, she began creating ink paintings and illustrations with an animal theme.


  • Momentary


    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • Happy premonition

    Happy premonition

    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • Fluttering...


    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • Pleasant, high pitched call

    Pleasant, high pitched call

    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • Surprise


    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • No means no

    No means no

    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00

  • Leave me alone!

    Leave me alone!

    44 x 55.5 cm / USD 255.00