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樋爪 悠子

Yuko Hizume


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Hizume likes to draw ladies with classic fashion, nude, knowledgeable, wild and beautiful. Further, in Hizume’s artwork, there are animals around ladies which she thinks that this concept is including appreciation to her mother and animals.
Hizume was raised by only her mother who spent most of the time, energy and knowledge on her. Her mother and animals keep staying at her side to protect her.
When she grew up, she starts to think that why her mother does everything to her and drew it out in her art.
Born in Tokyo in 1977 and raised in Oita.
Active as an illustrator from 2002 to 2008. Worked on magazines (NYLON, NY GIRLFRIEND, AU), advertisements, and apparel.
After that, moved to Toyama and is pursuing her own style.


  • Red ocher

    Red ocher

    31.8 x 41 cm / USD 545.00

  • A new moon

    A new moon

    41 x 31.8 cm / USD 545.00

  • Graciousness


    41 x 31.8 cm / USD 545.00

  • Treasure


    41 x 31.8 cm / USD 545.00

  • Overprotected house

    Overprotected house

    91 x 65.2 cm / USD 2,182.00

  • Afternoon irritation

    Afternoon irritation

    72.7 x 91 cm / USD 2,273.00

  • Kinu


    80.3 x 116.7 cm / USD 2,545.00

  • Shikishinfuni


    80.3 x 116.7 cm / USD 2,364.00

  • Ranunculus


    51.5 x 36.4 cm / Sold Out

  • Artificial species

    Artificial species

    162 x 97 cm / USD 4,545.00

  • Night sound

    Night sound

    91.6 x 36.3 cm / USD 727.00

  • Spring thunder

    Spring thunder

    120 x 58.3 cm / USD 1,364.00