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内野 隆文

Takafumi Uchino


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There are many types of genres in music such as blues, flamenco, jazz. Anger and sadness can turn into music with dark and intense melodies, which can heal and inspire us in many ways. Just like music, Takafumi always has a specific image when creating his work, usually an image that cuts through the dissatisfaction around him. This becomes a color, a layer, a canvas, and a picture. He hopes that the expression will heal and inspire someone's heart like music that flows through the night.
Born in 1980.
After graduating from a local university (economics department), worked at a tax accountant's office and a general company (accounting).
In 2008, the company I was working for went bankrupt and I found a job at my current company through Hello Work.
Was sent to Tokyo.
In 2016, he suddenly started drawing pictures.
He has never been taught how to draw, and is self-taught.


  • Untitled 1

    Untitled 1

    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 273.00

  • Starry sky

    Starry sky

    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 273.00

  • Jazz


    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 273.00

  • Untitled 3

    Untitled 3

    27.3 x 16 cm / USD 182.00

  • Beast


    33 x 38.5 cm / USD 591.00