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伊藤 彩香

Ayaka Ito


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Ayaka Ito is an Acrylic Painter and a Creator of Performing Art.
Ito creates acrylic paintings as a painter. Besides these, she creates performing arts with intentions like “Painting pictures in space”.
Ito produces both paintings and performing arts to intensely face her own diverse feelings.
In terms of motivation and purpose, she considers that there are no differences between the creation of paintings and performing arts.
She conducts two different expressional activities with a single expectation: That each of her works touches someone’s heart and brings hope.

Now she is seeking her own style of expression as a cross-method artist and feels that her paintings and performing arts will undergo an even deeper mutual interaction.
Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Spatial Design in 2014.
Studied under artist Saori Kanda.
Presented stage works "Poetry" (2014), "Window" (2015), "Steam Collection" (2016), "Picture Book without Blue" (2019), and "Light" (2019).


  • Calling


    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 545.00

  • After Silence

    After Silence

    27.3 x 19 cm / USD 545.00

  • Post of Stars

    Post of Stars

    24.2 x 33.3 cm / USD 728.00

  • The City

    The City

    41 x 31.8 cm / USD 1,091.00

  • Time


    31.8 x 41 cm / Sold Out

  • Picture Book without Blue

    Picture Book without Blue

    31.8 x 41 cm / Sold Out

  • I hate you

    I hate you

    60.6 x 72.7 cm / Sold Out

  • Twilight


    21 x 15 cm / Sold Out

  • Lullaby


    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 545.00

  • Dear


    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 545.00

  • Coffee and Calmness

    Coffee and Calmness

    27.3 x 22 cm / USD 545.00

  • Moon Viewing

    Moon Viewing

    27.3 x 22 cm / Sold Out

  • The Bottom of Night

    The Bottom of Night

    27.3 x 19 cm / USD 545.00

  • How to Find the Name

    How to Find the Name

    27.3 x 19 cm / USD 545.00

  • An Omen of Sleep

    An Omen of Sleep

    27.3 x 19 cm / USD 545.00

  • Dusk


    27.3 x 19 cm / USD 545.00