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Mami Okamoto


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Mami Okamoto is an active painter, participating in many solo and group exhibitions throughout the Tokyo area. After graduating from Rikkyo University she worked as an illustrator but sought to find work that allowed her to create art more freely and decided to become an independent artist. She describes her art as having unique color, lines, and composition. Her portrait paintings express distinctive facial expressions and gaze in the subjects’ eyes. Currently, she is working towards creating art to participate in several solo and group exhibitions every year. In the near future, she would like to create opportunities to participate in as many international exhibitions and art fairs as possible.


  • The rainy day

    The rainy day

    97 x 145.5 cm / USD 10,909.00

  • Bird


    116.7 x 91 cm / USD 7,273.00

  • Hat


    116.7 x 91 cm / USD 7,273.00

  • He and me

    He and me

    116.7 x 91 cm / USD 7,273.00

  • She and me

    She and me

    116.7 x 91 cm / USD 7,273.00

  • Confession of love―femme

    Confession of love―femme

    33.3 x 22 cm / USD 909.00

  • Confession of love―homme

    Confession of love―homme

    33.3 x 22 cm / USD 909.00