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右田 浩之

OOM(Double-O M)


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Mr. OOM is trying to insist on the inconsistency of society humanity by stupid series. He tries to use several different styles such as pottery, photo, writing, painting, and movie. He had hold three exhibitions to present his stupid series as well as collaboration. He also started to become an actor to represent his perception and thought.
Invitation to the Bakart Exhibition at Treasure River Book Cafe, Chiba, 2012
2014 "Digging Hurricane" Shinanomachi The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, B1F artcomplexhall 2015 "Bakart Beyond" Treasure River Book Cafe, Chiba
2019 "Bakart Exhibition 3 in Tokyo" at Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery


  • Body  damage001

    Body  damage001

    8 x 9 cm / USD 745.00

  • Body  damage002

    Body  damage002

    8 x 9 cm / USD 773.00

  • Body  damage003

    Body  damage003

    8 x 9 cm / USD 709.00

  • Body  chaos 001

    Body  chaos 001

    8 x 9 cm / USD 636.00

  • Body  machine001

    Body  machine001

    8 x 9 cm / USD 745.00

  • Body  machine002

    Body  machine002

    8 x 9 cm / USD 727.00

  • Body  machine003

    Body  machine003

    8 x 9 cm / USD 745.00