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崔 菁南

Sai Seinan


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Graphic designer, Sai Seinan, moved from China to further study graphic design at Tokyo Zokei University in their graduate program. She found her love for scenery and landscapes during her four years of studying at the Environmental Design Department for her undergraduate degree. She uses software to create a new form of ink wash painting by using a virtual brush for the black ink shading and imitating bleeding ink. She creates her art digitally on a tablet and has spent much of her time perfecting the ink effects and expressing the negative space that is characteristic of ink wash painting. She has always been interested in the ink art technique and wanted to combine it with modern communication techniques to create a new form of ink painting.
2018 Tokyo Zokei University Graduate Exhibition
2017 Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School Hachioji Kagee Project


  • 瀟湘夜雨 "Shōshōyau"

    瀟湘夜雨 "Shōshōyau"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,545.00

  • 平沙落雁 "Taisha Falls"

    平沙落雁 "Taisha Falls"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • 烟寺晩鐘 "Kemuri tera banshō"

    烟寺晩鐘 "Kemuri tera banshō"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,545.00

  • 山市晴嵐 "Sanshiseiran"

    山市晴嵐 "Sanshiseiran"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,545.00

  • 江天暮雪 "Kō tenbosetsu"

    江天暮雪 "Kō tenbosetsu"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,455.00

  • 漁村夕照 "Gyosonsekishō"

    漁村夕照 "Gyosonsekishō"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,455.00

  • 洞庭秋月 "Dōteishūgetsu"

    洞庭秋月 "Dōteishūgetsu"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,545.00

  • 遠浦帰帆 "Enpokihan"

    遠浦帰帆 "Enpokihan"

    145 x 80 cm / USD 1,455.00