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広田 稔

Minoru Hirota


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Born in Hiroshima in 1959, Minoru Hirota’s formal studies culminated with a bachelor’s degree (1983) and master’s degree (1985) from Tokyo University of the Arts.
Hirota’s characteristic style features the dynamic play of lines. Sometime sensuous, sometimes emotional, sometimes cutting, each brings to life the essence of his subjects.
Through his desire to express intangible ideas through paintings of tangible subjects, the realism of Hirota’s unique artistic style stands out amongst his contemporaries. Today, he continues working on many subjects while further refining his techniques and exploring his abundant imagination.
1992 Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Hiroshima
1993 "Tomorrow's Hakuchikai Exhibition" (Tokyo Central Picture Gallery) and every time since then until 1999 "Private Exhibition" (Gallery Iseyoshi) and every time since then until 1996 "Three Artists Exhibition" (Chiyoharu Gallery) and every time since 1996
1994 Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Yokohama, Mitsukoshi, Matsuyama, Naka-dori Gallery, 1997, 2001 "Form of Time" at Yokohama Shimin Gallery, every year since
1995 Solo Exhibition (Uji Gallery), and exhibited in 1996, 1998-2000, and 2003
1996 Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo; 2000, 2003 (traveled to Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Department Store); 2001 Exhibition at Shibuya Art Museum, Tokyo; 1999 Exhibition at Chiyoharu Gallery, Nihonbashi, Tokyo; 2002 Exhibition at Chiyoharu Gallery, Kyoto 1997 Solo Exhibition (Umeda Gallery) and every year since "The Irreplaceable Phenomenon, Selected Exhibition of Hakuchikai Members" (Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi) and every year since "Naniwa-kai Exhibition" (Umeda Museum of Modern Art)
1997 Solo Exhibition (Umeda Gallery) and since 2001 (Yamagata-ya) and since 2000 "Western Paintings of Fukuyama from the Collection" (Fukuyama Museum of Art) "Mt.FUJI Exhibition" (Galerie EMORI) and since 2001 "Le Grazie" (Gallery ARK) and since 2001 every year
1998 Solo Exhibition (Fukuyama Tenmanya) and since 2001 (Galerie EMORI) and since 2001 "The 4th Beauty Premonition Exhibition" (toured Takashimaya [Nihonbashi, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto]) "Ten Years of the Fukuyama Art Project: Brilliance of Bingo" (Fukuyama Museum of Art) "Brilliant Stars Exhibition" (Zaoqiu-dong Gallery) and since 2001 every year Exhibited
1999 "Shodai Kaishu" (wall painting of the main hall of Honjuji Temple) "New Collection Exhibition" (Saku City Museum of Modern Art) "The 13th Exhibition of the Museum Collection" (Shibuya Museum of Art) "Sakuraba-no-kai" (Gallery Yokohama) "New Generation '99" (Nagoya Gallery) "Two Person Exhibition" (Portopia Gallery) The 1st Hakusenkai Exhibition", Fukuoka Nichido Gallery, every year since 2003 "Nike no Kai", Gallery Nike, every year since 2003 "Heizo Kanayama Prize Memorial Art Exhibition", Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art "Petit Tableau", Onward Gallery Nihonbashi, every year since 2003 Exhibited at "Animato" (Gallery ARK) every year since then Established ATELIER21 (joint atelier with Kozo Ueda and Takahiro Okada)
2000 Solo Exhibition at Gallery ARK since 2002 Solo Exhibition at Yamagata-ya since 2000 "The 35th Showa-kai Exhibition" at Nichido Gallery since 2001 "The 14th Exhibition of the Museum Collection" at Shibuya Museum of Art since 2001 "ATELIER21 EXHIBITION" at Gallery Dobei since 2001 "Lo Cotidiano Exhibition" (Gallery Shiramizu, Tokyo)
2001 "The Beauty that Opens the New Century: Contemporary Japanese and Western Painting by New Artists" (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, etc.) "New Visions" (Fukuoka Nichido Gallery) "Western Painters for the 21st Century: Alpha" (Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi) "Two Person Exhibition" with Hitoshi Hiruta Sakura Sakura Exhibition" at Gallery Sakuranoki in Ginza, solo exhibition at Zaoqiu-dong Gallery and later in 2003 "Soufu-kai Exhibition" at Nichido Gallery in Fukuoka
2002 Solo Exhibition at Ginza Yanagi Gallery, Okayama Takashimaya Department Store, "Yakushiji Temple Grand Lecture Hall Opening Exhibition" at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi, "Zelkova Road Exhibition" at Gallery Wada and every year since then "Possibility of Watercolor Expression" at Gallery Iseyoshi, "Minoru Hirota and Itsuki Miya Two Person Exhibition" at Onward Gallery in Nihonbashi.
2003 "Collaborative Paintings", Gallery Nike, Saku City Museum of Modern Art, Saku, Japan "20th Anniversary Exhibition - This is the Way I Live", Gallery Iseyoshi, Tokyo
2004 "Atelier 21 Three Artists Exhibition" (Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store) Showa Gallery (Dentoh "San Francisco") 10th Anniversary Exhibition of Ginza Yanagi Gallery (Ginza Yanagi Gallery)
2005 Solo Exhibition (Toured Tokyo Takashimaya, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Gifu)
2006 "The Eyes of Both Oceans Exhibition" Kawakita Rimmyo Award
Solo Exhibition (Ginza Yanagi Gallery)
2010 Solo Exhibition (Ginza Yanagi Gallery, Gallery Shiramizu Art)
2011 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Wada.
2013 Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum), Solo Exhibition (Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store)

1989 "The 45th Yokohama Art Association Exhibition" Grand Prize (Yokohama Civic Gallery)
1991 "The 67th Hakujitsu-kai Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) Received the General Honorable Mention Award.
1993 Tomita Award, Member nomination                                                      
1995 Yasuda Fire & Marine Art Foundation Encouragement Prize                                            
1996Minister of Education Encouragement Prize                                                              
1997 Marunuma Art Forest Prize 1998T Prize                                
2004 Prime Minister's Prize


  • Seaside spring

    Seaside spring

    134.5 x 166.5 cm / USD 21,818.00

  • Blue&Rose


    47.6 x 38.5 cm / USD 2,909.00

  • An adventure of a boy

    An adventure of a boy

    46.1 x 55.3 cm / USD 3,818.00