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島村 信之

Nobuyuki Shimamura


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Born in Saitama prefecture in 1965, Nobuyuki Shimamura studied oil painting at Musashino Art University. After graduating with a master’s degree in 1991, he began exhibiting his work at Hakujitsukai and every year thereafter.
Shimamura has been focusing his artistic pursuits on mastering the style of hyperrealism, and wishes to share the power of this genre as a representative of Japan.
Beneath his art is a subtle tension that exists between his gentle touch and the mastery of his skills through a diligent work ethic and strong will that doesn’t accept compromise.
Scabella two-person exhibition ('93 / Akane Gallery)
1996 Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition (Akane Gallery)
1997 Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition ('02,'11 / Ginza Yanagi Gallery)
Voir Exhibition ('02, '11 at Shunpado Gallery)
Beauty of Eastern Japan - Mountains - Exhibition (Tokyo Station Gallery)
2003 Pontezar Exhibition (exhibited since then at Gallery Ozen)
Three Artists Exhibition: Hiroshi Ikushima, Kenichiro Ishiguro, Nobuyuki Shimamura (Shunpudo Gallery)
Exhibition of small works by 19 young Western-style painters (Toubi Art Fair / Shunpado Gallery booth)
Mizunazuki-kai (since then exhibited at Sagamiya Art Shop)
The year 2007
Received the grand prize at the Kanji Maeda Grand Prize Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Kurayoshi Museum)
In 2008
Creation from Tradition: 21st Century Exhibition (exhibited at Tokyo Bijutsu Club and other venues)
Za Tewaza - figurative exhibition to the unexplored (Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Tokyo)
In 2010
Special Exhibition in commemoration of the opening of the Hoki Art Museum, "My Representative Works" (Hoki Art Museum)
Published "Nobuyuki Shimamura Art Collection" (Kyuryudo)
Year 2013
Special Exhibition in commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of the Hoki Art Museum: "New Representative Works of Mine" (Hoki Art Museum)
Contemporary Figurative Painting Exhibition - Each Future (Hankyu Umeda)
Contemporary figurative painting exhibition-Without End (Hankyu Umeda)
Member of "Hakuritsu-kai

Awarded the Grand Prize at the Kanji Maeda Grand Prize Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store, Kurayoshi Museum).


  • L'osier


    67 x 65.1 cm / USD 1,818.00

  • Half asleep

    Half asleep

    68.4 x 73.1 cm / USD 2,182.00

  • Three butterflies

    Three butterflies

    69 x 52.8 cm / USD 1,364.00

  • Peace


    85.3 x 58 cm / USD 1,964.00

  • Stare


    63.2 x 61.5 cm / USD 1,767.00

  • Balmy breeze

    Balmy breeze

    94.3 x 92.3 cm / USD 2,945.00