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かなやま ひろき

Hiroki Kanayama


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Although the bright colors and animals in motion give an impression of happiness, Kanayama’s work has a message for the viewers. The artist sees that the world around him is uncertain because it is consisted of people’s memories and perspectives that shape the culture, society, existence of objects or people, phenomena, ideology, and common sense. In addition, he looks into the balance between humans and science, and thinks humans are destroying nature with the development of technology. He sees that there are so many negative elements like anxiety, fear, distrust, anger, depression, chaos, and death in people’s minds which distorts the world. Kanayama insists that each person must face this distorted world that is filled with negative elements and figure out the reason or the truth as to why they occur.
●Solo Exhibition
2009 solo exhibition of Hiroki KANAYAMA solo exhibition of Hiroki KANAYAMA (ART DATA BANK/ARAI GALLERY)
2015 RANDY ART HILLS vol.26 "Hiroki Kanayama Exhibition" (RANDY)

●Group exhibitions

2012 KOWAII Exhibition II (ART DATA BANK/ARAI GALLERY) / EXHIBITION C-DEPOT 2012 TOKYO - YOKOHAMA (Spiral Garden & Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1) / EXHIBITION C-DEPOT 2012 TOKYO - YOKOHAMA Satellite exhibition "C-DEPOT selection" (Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery Art Shop)

2013 "C-DEPOT square" (C-DEPOT terminal), participating project of the 8th New Ikebukuro Montparnasse Nishiguchi Art Museum

2014 C-DEPOT selection (Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, 6th floor, Art Gallery) / ART FAIR C-DEPOT -Shapes of HEART (Seibu Shibuya Store, 8th floor, Building B) / ~C-DEPOT NATIVE~J ART NOW exhibition (Isetan Shinjuku Store, 5th floor, Art Gallery) / 9th New Exhibition ""T""-DEPOT" (C-DEPOT terminal) / "Soccer Ball Art Exhibition" produced by Katsuhiko Hibino (Seibu Shibuya, public space on each floor) / Tanzaku Exhibition (ART DATA BANK / Arai Gallery) Art Data Bank / Arai Gallery / Magnify Life (Eyewear brand "JINS" new office meeting space "Iidabashi Grand Bloom 30F") "Take Off" (Royal Park Hotel, Haneda Art Gallery) / Tokyo Designers Week 2014 CHINATI presents Artist Container (Meiji Jingu Gaien, central venue of TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK) / RANDY ART HILLS vol.25 SHEEP" (RANDY)

2015 C-DEPOT selection (Art Space, 7th floor, Sogo Chiba Store) / Ikebukuro Art Gathering "C-DEPOT Landmark" (Ikebukuro Tobu Art Gallery) (WACCA IKEBUKURO, 2nd and 3rd floor) / Tanzaku Exhibition ( ART DATA BANK / Arai Gallery, Isetan Shinjuku Main Store 5th Floor Art Gallery / SUMMER SONIC SONICART 2015 C-DEPOT direction "Luminous!C-DEPOT×Shinjuku Takashimaya HAGOITA Art Exhibition "Go it!" (Takashimaya, 11th floor, special venue) / Sibuya no Tamago Exhibition (Former Shibuya Ward Office Building) / Mosaic Mall Kohoku C-DEPOT Christmas Art Project "HOLLY FOREST" (Mosaic Mall Kohoku, Tsuzuki) (Mosaic Mall Kohoku, Tsuzuki Hankyu) / RANDY ART HILLS vol.31 "MONKEY" (RANDY)

2016 Sogo Seibu Millennium Collection Spring 2016 C-DEPOT selection (The Prince Park Tower Tokyo) / C-DEPOT -February- Session (Park Hotel Tokyo 25F Art Lounge) / ART of ULTRAMAN (Shinjuku Takashimaya 1st Floor Main Square) Main Square) / Ikebukuro Art Gathering kokeshi art collection (WACCA Ikebukuro) / Tanzaku Exhibition (Gallery 151A) (Isetan Shinjuku Main Store) / Hotel Arts Festival in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (Park Hotel Tokyo 26F Meeting Room C-DEPOT ROOM) (C-DEPOT ROOM) / C-DEPOT Japan Fusion ~Tori~ (Art Lounge, 25F, Park Hotel Tokyo) / KENZAN2016 (Arena Hall & Salon) / Colorful Kara-la-fle: Irotodoridori by C-DEPOT (Seibu Funabashi, 5F Art Gallery & 1F Season Square) Season Square on the 1st floor) / Ultraman Inspired Exhibition Powered by TCJ (Special Tent in Tokyo Design Week) / Engimono (Keijiro Abe Gallery) / RANDY ART HILLS vol.36 "BIRD" (RANDY) / Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 5F Living Art Frame x Isetan Shinjuku Main Building, 5th Floor, Living Art Frame, Isetan Mitsukoshi Group Campaign Image Visual "Niko-chan" Creation (Isetan Shinjuku Main Building, 5th Floor, Living Art Frame) / Tori-Toridori Exhibition (ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square)

2017 The Power of Art (Isetan Shinjuku Store, 7th floor) / The 12th New Ikebukuro Montparnasse Nishiguchi Machikado Kairou Art Museum: Astro Boy x C-DEPOT "Our Atom" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Gallery 1) (WACCA Ikebukuro) / Tanzaku Exhibition (Arai Gallery) (Isetan Shinjuku Main Store) (Keijiro Abe Gallery)KENZAN2017 (Arena Hall & Salon) / One! WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Exhibition (Itochu Aoyama Art Square) / RANDY ART HILLS vol.41 "DOG" (RANDY)

2018 C-DEPOT BIRD (Amuse Museum, 2F) / The 13th New Ikebukuro Montparnasse Museum of Art, Nishiguchi, Tokyo C-DEPOT project "The Phantom Thief Lampo's Letter of Challenge" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space) (WACCA Ikebukuro) / Tanzaku Exhibition (Hakkendo Gallery) (Isetan Shinjuku) / C-DEPOT selection (Park Hotel Tokyo 34F Corridor Gallery 3) / KENZAN2018 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space) / Oriental Zodiac Signs and Happy Art - Oriental Zodiac Signs☆Etcetera Exhibition (Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, 5th Floor Art Gallery)

2019 J-POP Art Exhibition (Takamatsu Mitsukoshi, 5th floor, new building)

●Awards received
2005 Selected, The 6th Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Tokyo
2006 Selected, Wonder Seed 2006 / The 24th The Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition / Selected, Spiral Independent Creators Festival, 2007
2007 Selected, 8th Spiral Independent Creators' Festival, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Selected, 9th Spiral Independent Creators Festival / Selected, P&E 2008 (Presentation & Exhibition 2008) / Excellence Award, 1st Tugboat Award
2009 Selected, The 12th Liquitex Biennale, Japan / Selected, The 10th Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Japan
2010 Selected, 11th Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Selected, Liquitex Art Prize 2012
2013 Selected, Golden Competition 2012 / Selected, 8th Tugboat Award / Selected, Liquitex Art Prize 2013
2014 Selected, 313×313 Dreaming ART, Royal Park Hotel, Haneda, Tokyo / Selected, Liquitex Art Prize 2014


  • head hunt

    head hunt

    45.5 x 53 cm / USD 1,364.00

  • Wool City

    Wool City

    41 x 31.5 cm / USD 818.00

  • Big sheep

    Big sheep

    27.3 x 40.9 cm / USD 818.00

  • Dog tail girl

    Dog tail girl

    27 x 35 cm / USD 682.00

  • Girls dog RANDY

    Girls dog RANDY

    35 x 27 cm / USD 682.00