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Haruka Tsuneda, known as 'Mitsurindo', is an artist who specializes in cutaway art. She is intrigued with detailed designs and how light can be seen coming through both sides of the piece when it is completed. Her artwork is unique because she aims to convey a spooky or scary atmosphere in her work rather than cute or fun. Her artwork reflects Japanese style, color usage, and often includes women in kimonos. She is also inspired by her mother's calligraphy as she often uses characters in her designs.
Hand-made in Japan Festival


  • Birds Ⅰ

    Birds Ⅰ

    93 x 40 cm / USD 727.00

  • Flowers Ⅰ

    Flowers Ⅰ

    44 x 36.5 cm / USD 409.00

  • Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

    78 x 48 cm / USD 636.00

  • Spotted eagle-owl

    Spotted eagle-owl

    25.5 x 25.5 cm / USD 227.00

  • Hidden


    31.5 x 44 cm / USD 409.00

  • Shade of a Tree Ⅰ

    Shade of a Tree Ⅰ

    45 x 35 cm / USD 318.00

  • Shade of a Tree II

    Shade of a Tree II

    41 x 32 cm / USD 318.00

  • Revenge


    23 x 31.5 cm / USD 227.00