Phoebe Burns

United States of America

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Phoebe Burns is a surrealist photographer who manipulates photographs she takes to tell stories and commentate on the world around her. These topics range from telling stories about evil corrupting the soul and commenting on life in quarantine during COVID-19. She searches for ways to not only present her work on paper but through other alternative means like virtual reality to add further interaction for the viewer. This emerging artist has exhibited in several juried exhibitions in the West and East Alabama area. Her upcoming exhibition will be in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Southeast Museum of Photography.


Digital Art and Photography | University of Alabama
I have been accepted into six exhibitions, including the Art House I in Montgomery, Alabama. My unique photography style allowed me to do an independent study with an award-winning photographer, Chip Cooper. He handpicks students from the Honors College who he believes does outstanding work. I was 1 of 5 students that he picked.

Fine Artist | PB Surrealism
I oversee drawing Ideas, scheduling models, prop management, taking photos, editing photos, and managing various projects.
Tuscaloosa, AL at Dinah Washington Arts Center
Second Annual Black History Month Juried Show
Tuscaloosa, AL at Nott Hall, University of Alabama
"Eyes Closed"
Tuscaloosa, AL at Sella Granata Gallery, University of Alabama
BFA Show
Daytona Beach, FL at Southeast Museum of Photography
"Separate Together"


  • Man Of The Dust

    Man Of The Dust

    101.6 x 135.4 cm / USD 4,000.00

  • From My Roots

    From My Roots

    67.7 x 50.8 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • Home Is On My Mind

    Home Is On My Mind

    90.3 x 56.4 cm / USD 2,000.00

  • Strong Like A Mountain

    Strong Like A Mountain

    36.1 x 45.1 cm / USD 2,000.00

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