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Atzshi Hiratzka studied the play for four years at a drama school in London, UK, and he entered the world of Kabuki after returning to Japan. After spending time in the Kabuki world, he started his career as a photographer in 2013. He specializes in portrait fashion, flowers, snaps, and used to taking photos in well-established fashion brands in Paris. From his career as a creator, he creates "chic" from his unique perspective. His stylish and powerful style is popular in the global world especially in Japan, China, and Europe.


I studied theater for four years at a theater school in London, England, and after returning to Japan, I threw myself into the world of Kabuki. Since then, he has been working as a photographer, using his unique perspective and direction cultivated as an expressive artist.
2013 Started working as a photographer
2017 Selected for APA Photographer's Association Advertising Award 2017
2019 Presented his work at Contemporary Art Photo & Video Salon in Taipei 2019, and started working as an art photographer.
The same year, featured in "Cameraholics Vol.2" by Hobby Japan.


  • Your Rubber  #002

    Your Rubber #002

    55.6 x 41.7 cm / Sold Out

  • Your Rubber  #003

    Your Rubber #003

    42 x 56 cm / USD 1,428.57

  • Your Rubber  #004

    Your Rubber #004

    42 x 56 cm / USD 1,428.57

  • Your Rubber  #005

    Your Rubber #005

    42 x 56 cm / Sold Out

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