Heather Payne

United States of America

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USD $2,500 ~ $4,500


I grew up in Pasadena, CA in the 80’s. The skateboarding scene was HUGE back then... I fell in love with the culture which included different variations of street art. I’ve taken various art classes through the years which allowed me to learn different techniques using different types of mediums to create work that I am very proud of. I paint intuitively... doing so allows me to enjoy the process with zero limitations so that I can create from a more spiritual platform. I don’t like to set limitations on my work. I find that my art is constantly evolving in way that is authentic to my style. I try to paint things that I would want to invest in myself. I love creating one of kind pieces. I truly hope that my work sparks joy in anyone who sees it. Some of my favorite artists who played by their own rules are Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, Pollock, Kandinsky, Rothko, Mondarian, Kooning and many many more! I absolutely love Graffiti... it’s such an underrated art form! I definitely find a lot of my inspiration there with a lot of my work. I’d like to think of my style as eclectic, limitless with no boundaries.


  • I Do

    I Do

    91.44 x 121.923 cm / USD 4,500.00

  • What A Wonderful World

    What A Wonderful World

    45.72 x 60.96 cm / USD 3,500.00

  • Pretty Much

    Pretty Much

    60.96 x 76.2 cm / USD 2,500.00

  • LoveJoy


    60.96 x 76.2 cm / USD 2,500.00

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