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There are various ways in which artists try to explain their art and convey its message, making it simple for greater enjoyment or more complex for a different and more specific reason.

Among these, there are also those who decide not to explain, but to instead let their imagination and emotion work: Mirko Gessaga is one of these, and he does it with method and irony.

He doesn't speak, he acts; he does not create, he explodes; he uses matter and a movement of tension to produce something that is the result of a choice (material, colour, dynamic) but also of chance - not to be confused with chaos.

There is nothing right or wrong, there is nothing that cannot be done. In his works, everything is allowed and nothing is excluded. He almost seems to want to give space to innumerable possible Kierkegaardian worlds and thoughts, creating a feeling of being overwhlemed in the face of the infinite.

And in the face of the Infinite and that feeling of lost control, what is left to man apart from romantic fascination? It's choice - that's what defines him.

And this is where the dialogue with the viewer comes into play, invited by the artist to recreate an order in that disorder that has been intentionally created and which, in reality, is an invitation to recognise oneself, to choose, to determine oneself.

It is no coincidence that this technique is so impactful, and almost violent: the explosion of the firecracker (which is used to disperse the colour) destabilises, confuses, attracts attention, brings us back to something terrifying and fascinating at the same time, something that shakes us from within and provokes an undeniable reaction which the viewer must gather in himself, with his own strength.

It's a game in which you are completely immersed, despite knowing that you're being manipulated. A fascination that goes beyond reason, uniting the adult with one's inner child, touching dormant feelings because even knowing it's not real cannot prevent you from being enchanted.


My paintings and my art are probably born from an unfulfilled need that i eventually screamed onto canvas.
My need to be heard, combined with the right to make noise and create unique, original creations, wich i gradually began to experiment with.
My first experiments were liberating and instinctive, initially involving just having fun with colour, texture, shapes, inclinations and distances; I have learned, and continue to learn, how to vary and control that experimental impulse, looking for images that suggest rather than replicate.
And that's where my "game" begins - I don't sekk to impose my vision with my art but rather, to leave the audience with a freedom to decide and the ability to choose.
Everyone is the author of their own choise.

- Galeria Gaudi, Madrid 2019
- Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbona 2019
- Palazzo Ferrajoli, Roma 2019
- Espace Thorigny - Le Merais, Parigi 2019
- Palazzo della Regione Toscana, Firenze 2019


  • Kiss me Licia

    Kiss me Licia

    30 x 30 cm / USD 485.00

  • Civetta lombarda

    Civetta lombarda

    50 x 50 cm / USD 670.00

  • Picanto


    50 x 50 cm / USD 700.00

  • Wedding scrum

    Wedding scrum

    50 x 50 cm / USD 670.00

  • Aaaaarg!


    60 x 60 cm / USD 800.00

  • Collezionando pioggia

    Collezionando pioggia

    60 x 60 cm / USD 800.00

  • not giving a fuck

    not giving a fuck

    50 x 70 cm / USD 975.00

  • Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

    40 x 80 cm / USD 975.00

  • Pigeon on the loose

    Pigeon on the loose

    40 x 80 cm / USD 975.00

  • Per fetta

    Per fetta

    70 x 70 cm / USD 1,000.00

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