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USD $1,140 ~ $2,820


I think that aesthetics and intellect are the most powerful ways of communication and should not be underestimated. Today, when art seems a bit lost over the concept, fight for the politic views or battles for human rights, I feel that I still can keep communicating with audience trough aesthetics, philosophical contemplation and emotional transfer. Sociological and political factors and it’s consequences are temporary, and it’s power and influence last only for a decade or two. But aesthetics and artistic value lasts for centuries, when all other circumstances being forgotten Art can be revolutionary or innovative, and it certainly has power to change the world (people), move masses or just make you think or question over certain phenomenon. But this is not what defines art. Biggest power of art is that can last forever and has possibility to communicate with everyone without it’s context. Art is universal language.


Jelena Antić is a Reykjavík, Iceland-based visual artist who originally hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Antić, who’s held six solo exhibitions, holds a Master’s degree in Painting, Monumental painting, Mosaic, and Contemporary Art from the University of Serbia and is a member of the Icelandic Association of Artists (SÍM). Antić’s main form of visual expression is through painting but she rejects the general conventions of the medium choosing to avoid symbols or specific representations of objects or figures. Much like instrumental music without words or explanation, Antić’s work is best described as a visual representation of feeling both thoughtful and meditative. Her aim is for viewers to interpret her work as they see it—each of them is equally true and equally as important to all other interpretations, even her own. Antić’s primary influences are abstract expressionism and abstract minimalism inspired by concepts of psychology, philosophy, and contemporary art theory. All her works exhibit a strong personal stamp, deeply influenced by her life and experience.


  • Deep In Your Own Thoughts

    Deep In Your Own Thoughts

    50 x 70 cm / USD 1,460.00

  • Burning Flame

    Burning Flame

    50 x 70 cm / USD 1,140.00

  • Darken


    50 x 70 cm / USD 1,140.00

  • Golden


    50 x 70 cm / USD 1,140.00

  • Bliss


    47 x 122 cm / USD 1,620.00

  • Bruarfoss


    80 x 100 cm / USD 2,820.00

  • Who Is to Tell You What Is Right or Wrong?

    Who Is to Tell You What Is Right or Wrong?

    82 x 82 cm / USD 1,870.00

  • There is Something Magic in the Air

    There is Something Magic in the Air

    82 x 82 cm / USD 1,870.00

  • Passion and Joy

    Passion and Joy

    60 x 80 cm / USD 1,295.00

  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

    80 x 60 cm / USD 1,410.00

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