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I have been painting for 35 years, drawing has been part of my profession as an engineer building construction for which I am now retired. No formal art studies I have completed the University of Lapland, the CPU visual arts Intermediate Studies in 2019. My theme I get from nature I have been painting acrylic and oil paintings, as well as graphics. Acrylic Pouring medium courses I have had several years painting and videos are also production.


Artist description
Pertti Huhtala visual artist
I am a professional construction engineer who has now retired from this job. I've been painting since the 80s, now that it's about photography and videos. Art studies I graduated from the University of Lapland in 2014 and the Fine Arts subject studies in 2019. Previously conducted on the basis of art history and advanced studies information technology. I live and work in Rovaniemi, Finland. My work has been in various exhibitions for 10 years and I chair the visual arts career


  • Reflection


    76 x 50 cm / USD 500.00

  • Sunshine


    69 x 54 cm / USD 800.00

  • Under the stairs

    Under the stairs

    76 x 50 cm / USD 650.00

  • Winter fairytale forest

    Winter fairytale forest

    50 x 76 cm / USD 650.00

  • Vogelkirsche


    54 x 99 cm / USD 1,200.00

  • Motocycle


    NFT Artwork

  • Mushrooms


    34 x 25 cm / USD 300.00

  • Snowdragon


    60 x 60 cm / USD 600.00

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