Nastya Hasenwelt

Russian Federation

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My name is Nastya Hasenwelt. I am a contemporary artist. I was born in 1986 in Samara, Russia. I studied contemporary art in Germany and I had personal and group exhibitions in Samara and Freiburg In Breisgau. Now I live and work in Samara.
I work in the technique of multilayer watercolor painting. I am primarily interested in the essence of the colors and interact with them in such a way that the essence of the painting to reveal, the form is secondary.
I remove the expressionistic and figurative beginning in painting on background, if not aside, and try to show and express myself not through the concept or emotion, but through the nature of color, through color accord. What allows me to reflect, as much as possible, the individual inner world in all its completeness; is that attempt "to be, but not to seem"; to show the essence of the person through the essence of color.


1986 - born in Samara, Russia
2003 - graduating from school
2003-2006 - studying of сultural science at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts
2006-2007 - volunteer year in Germany
2008-2011 - studying at Edith Maryon Kunstschule Freiburg, Germany
2011-2015 - maternity leave
2015-2017 - the founder and the head of the school of free painting
2017-2018 - the teacher of painting at the Samara waldorf school
Since 2018 - the independent artist in Samara

2009 project "Street Sculpture", Freiburg
2009 solo exhibition "Hi, Quality!", JB, Samara
2009 project "Mom&Dad", Freiburg, mountain Tuniberg
2010 solo exhibition in Art Cafe, Freiburg
2010 solo photo exhibition in JB, Samara
2010 collective exhibition in EMK Gallerie, Freiburg
2010 project "Meow" , Freiburg
2010 exhibition "Miaumyaso" with Artem Ivashkin, New Space gallery, Samara
2010 solo exhibition in "White rabbit", Freiburg
2016 - collective exhibition "Gegenwart", Loft Room, Samara


  • Yellow, orange, red

    Yellow, orange, red

    29.5 x 44.5 cm / USD 550.00

  • Meeting


    31 x 46 cm / USD 550.00

  • Untitled


    45.5 x 31 cm / USD 550.00

  • Brown


    31.5 x 45.5 cm / USD 550.00

  • Untitled


    29 x 46.5 cm / USD 550.00

  • Untitled


    31.5 x 46 cm / USD 550.00

  • Worlds


    46 x 31.5 cm / USD 550.00

  • Motion


    48 x 35 cm / USD 550.00

  • Essence of color

    Essence of color

    31.5 x 46 cm / USD 550.00

  • Untitled


    31.5 x 45.5 cm / USD 550.00

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