susana martin villarrubia


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My work. I trained in architecture. Since my origin I have worked in painting, furniture design, objects, textiles, digital art, etc. My references were and are Malewich, Mondrian, Jean Arp, Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Joseph Beuys, Kounelis, Donald Judd, Pollock, Sol Lewitt, Hans Richter, Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp .. From the point of In view of the technique, I have been working for years with woods that I cover with elastic fabrics, years ago I had already incorporated the meshes into the painting to cover it, leading to multiple processes of evolution, triggering the sculpture that I covered with stockings, pantyhose, when I was little Format. Currently I work with lycras, neoprene, foam rubber in a larger and flatter format. My career in design has generated my constant interest in searching for materials and their mixtures. Currently, I could place myself working in an ambiguous space between painting and sculpture, painting made with fabrics, fabrics that form structures ... About my work I would say that it arises as a result of my unconscious that works. I don't know, nor do I want to know what I'm really looking for ... rather I accidentally cause an encounter. It is in the meeting where I can be interested and discover something new. If you pursue something rational and concrete, it would lead you to the usual path. I could formally encompass myself in minimalism, still seeming to me as a dogmatic current, which completely excludes what happens outside of the way it is represented. Formally I identify myself, but the forms that I represent do not originate in a purely formal way. My meeting point is in simplicity and to penetrate into the essence of the form that I cause with the interaction of materials. I do not intend to highlight anything concrete, only to take myself through the emptiness of an existence to a dreamlike, abstract world and not wake up to this world of such tangible appearance.


I live and work in Madrid, graduated in architecture.
Since the 80s I was working in the field of architecture, design objects, furniture, textiles, graphic design, digital art, photography, and painting. Exhibitions in USA, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Macedonia and Spain.
The last years Im working with elastic textil covering diferents materials, woods, foam and photography.
Full CV in website.




    100 x 58 cm / USD 1,300.00

  • BAUH


    120 x 80 cm / USD 2,400.00



    205 x 105 cm / USD 6,000.00

  • FLO


    122 x 205 cm / USD 6,000.00



    120 x 114 cm / USD 3,400.00



    20 x 50 cm / USD 850.00

  • PHI


    158 x 88 cm / USD 3,800.00



    148 x 116 cm / USD 3,500.00

  • WEV


    80 x 45 cm / USD 1,200.00

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