Arbi Keshishian


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"I'm Arbi keshishian born in iran in 1986 , I started my carrier as an artist from 2015 when i graduated from art and architecture university in my home town before that i was studying painting in yerevan state academy of fine art and then transfered to my home town university as i mentioned above.

I usually paint in my own style with my preferred medium oil color on canvas, all of
my paintings are painted on my own hand made frames and canvases. i chose oil paint because of the ability of undoing, I change my painting many many times and its more comfortable to work with oil color because i can undo and redo some parts that i think they are most important.

my own style came from my experiences that i had with lights and shadows, when i experienced photography and, better saying modeling photography where there are artificial lighting used for photography, wherever there is light there must be shadows and they represents the real life situations and events in everyday life.
when we face a situation ,and or an event in our real life we have two choices, we can see the bright side of the situation and think about the benefits we can take from it, or we can focus on the dark side and just quit.
we just face this question that what side we want to look at, the good and bright side , or the bad and dark side.

in my opinion the lights and shadows are connected, we can't just separate them from each other, but we can choose what we want to look at in every second of our life , and this choices are making our real life everyday and every moment.

i just got my inspirations from every day life situations and events, it doesn't matter what is happening out there i just paint how i feel about them, and i just paint with my imagination, and always just looking for the result on my canvas and never compare the painting with something real or a photo i just trace what am i doing on my canvas, and when i feel that its done, its done.



Arbi Keshishian

BFA painting from Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch Faculty of Art 2014
2008-2010 study painting in Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts

solo exhibition
2009 “Altrnate” Cafe Gallery chaplin Tehran Iran

Group Exhibition
2020 99x99 mehrsun art complex
2020 Most influential iranian armenian artists mehrsun Art complex
2019 Art for gift Arthibition Gallery
2017 “7.3 Richter” white line Gallery
2016 “Eclectic#1” White line Gallery
2016 “Pictorial Coincidences” White line Gallery
2013 “The Anectode of Mind” iranartists Gallery Tehran Iran


  • wine and flower

    wine and flower

    30 x 30 cm / USD 349.00

  • Blue White Yellow

    Blue White Yellow

    24 x 24 cm / USD 299.00

  • Portrait No1

    Portrait No1

    24 x 24 cm / USD 299.00

  • I love my flower

    I love my flower

    30 x 30 cm / USD 349.00

  • waiting in blue

    waiting in blue

    20 x 20 cm / USD 249.00

  • stephania


    30 x 30 cm / USD 349.00

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