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Estefhania Pineda lives and works in Houston Texas, she has exhibited works in both the Houston and Austin area. She remembers having a strong spatial awareness and passion for creating since her early childhood years, constantly creating images for her school binders. Her formal art education started at George Washington Carver Visual Arts High School where she gained a strong foundation in the arts, she then has gone on to obtain a BFA in studio painting from the University of Houston. Her recent works dive into human nature and experiences. Some works are an examination of anxiety and their sources, juxtaposed with the coping mechanisms that try and aid in escapism. These two elements battle for the foreground and at times one can dominate the entire composition. She tends to work with acrylic and oil paints and uses saturated color in her work. The imagery in Estefhania’s work is usually intertwined with surreal qualities and compositionally takes inspiration from pop artist James Rosenquist.


University of Houston

BFA in studio painting


Menil /Fiesta - Spring 2017 Brasil Cafe Houston, TX
A painting collection of 10 junior students from the University of Houston.

Trajectories Seen Spring 2018 HCC Art Gallery Stafford, TX
An art collection of 22 graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Houston.

School of Art student exhibition Spring 2018 Blaffer Art museum Houston, TX
A collection of senior student work from the U of H school of art.

East Austin Studio Tour Fall 2018 - 2003 Wheless Ln Austin, TX
An art collection of 38 Texas artists

Conception Art Show January/May 2019 10622 Hirsch Rd Houston, TX
An art collection of local Houston artists.

- WGSS Art Open House - 2020-Agnes 3201.Arnold House 624-Houston TX


Glass mountain magazine, volume 21, Fall 2018, page 119, ArtStartArt Collective


  • Unhealthy Air Quality

    Unhealthy Air Quality

    71.1 x 55.8 cm / USD 700.00

  • Nepenthes Graduada

    Nepenthes Graduada

    40.6 x 50.8 cm / USD 300.00

  • Porque Tocaste el Agua

    Porque Tocaste el Agua

    60.9 x 45.7 cm / USD 450.00

  • Courtyard Plants

    Courtyard Plants

    50.8 x 40.6 cm / USD 300.00

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