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USD $5,882 ~ $9,396


We are Italian-Polish artists, a couple in a private and a professional life, aways connected to the world of art. Together we express our ideas through paintings, often using the individually gained experiences in such fields as music or photography. We always search the essence of things, gradually eliminating everything superfluous. All the elements of our paintings are closely related and necessary to read the meaning of each one of our artworks.


We are an Italian-Polish couple and we are dedicated to the world of art. We do not like to talk too much about ourselves, we prefere our artworks to talk for us.


  • FRAME 1

    FRAME 1

    80 x 120 cm / USD 9,396.00

  • FRAME 2

    FRAME 2

    60 x 70 cm / USD 5,882.00

  • FRAME 3

    FRAME 3

    60 x 70 cm / USD 5,882.00

  • FRAME 4

    FRAME 4

    60 x 70 cm / USD 5,882.00

  • FRAME 5

    FRAME 5

    60 x 70 cm / USD 5,882.00

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