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In my paintings I try to convey a unique feeling about our connection with our world by using simplified model of human body and net-like and filamentous forms. However each tableau has its own unique story, they have one common point which is their connections with one another. My artworks are mostly oil on canvas which I used glazing method for them.


Selected as best artwork in painting competition section of Alborz contemporary painter artists’ festival
Solo exhibition:
Synapse, Farda art gallery, Tehran, 2017.
Some group exhibition:
1- Alborz contemporary painter artists’ festival, Saba cultural, artistic and research institute, Tehran, 2019
2- 11th Fajr visual arts festival, Saba cultural, artistic and research institute/Iranian academy of arts, Tehran, 2019
3- Art in mind, the bricklane art gallery, London, 2018
4- Contemporary painting, the bricklane art gallery, London, 2018
6- Talab, Association of Alborz Painter Artists, Dargoon art gallery, Tehran, 2017.
9- Association of Alborz Painter Artists, Iranian artist forum, Tehran, 2015.
10- Milad tower art gallery, Tehran, 2015.
11- Cultural section of Cote d'Ivoire Embassy, Tehran, 2015.
14- The first exhibition of world galleries in Iran, Museum of the Qasr Prison, Tehran, 2014.
17- Middle east art gallery, Tehran, 2013.
18- Ivan sepid art gallery, Karaj, 2007.


  • Untitled 1

    Untitled 1

    120 x 100 cm / USD 200.00

  • Untitled 2

    Untitled 2

    120 x 120 cm / USD 210.00

  • Untitled 3

    Untitled 3

    25 x 40 cm / USD 100.00

  • Untitled 4

    Untitled 4

    36 x 61 cm / USD 120.00

  • Untitled 5

    Untitled 5

    40 x 25 cm / USD 100.00

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