South Korea

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USD $17,000 ~ $27,000


All of the artwork are created by pen, which is the most portable and simple tool for drawing. I have never studied in Art and Drawing, however, have started drawing spontaneously during the trip to Italy. I used to get inspirations from places I visit on a trip. In terms of techniques, controlling thickness of lines is all about 'how to do pendrawing'.


- Solo Exhibition -
2016.10.10 - 10.21, KFTC(Bank of Korea), Seoul
2017.3.20 - 3.31, 4-Dimension Gallery, Seoul
2018.7.12 - 8,7, Gangnam Kyobo Tower BGN Gallery, Seoul
2020.1.1 - 1.12, Gallery The Wall Seoul, Seoul


  • Hannam-dong, Seoul

    Hannam-dong, Seoul

    26 x 38.5 cm / USD 17,000.00

  • Samcheong-dong, Seoul

    Samcheong-dong, Seoul

    53 x 49 cm / USD 25,000.00

  • Junggye-dong, Seoul

    Junggye-dong, Seoul

    40 x 101 cm / USD 27,000.00

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