Jakub Kreft

United Kingdom

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USD $380 ~ $1,450


I am working with automatic drawing. I am using this technique to capture the thoughts and emotions in present. It is most relevant to our times; speed, information overload, losing humanist values on the favour of technology growth. I am trying to visualize the stream of unconsciousness to see what my mind is recording on the field where consciousness has no access.


Jakub Kreft (b.1984 Gdansk, Poland) visual artist currently living and working in Liverpool, UK. Graduate with BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University. His art is devoted to the unconscious mind materialising it within artistical forms of automatism. Artist is strongly convinced that unconscious mind is the deepest source of creativity based on our experiences.

Artist is documenting the process of automatic painting to express full psychic automatism, underlying the notion that the work of an artist does not have the beginning nor the end. It is a continuous pursuit of the thriving personality of an artist in the depths of the triviality of being.


  • Candy Girl

    Candy Girl

    21 x 30 cm / USD 555.00

  • Consternation


    30 x 21 cm / USD 380.00

  • Friendly Ghost

    Friendly Ghost

    56 x 80 cm / USD 1,450.00

  • Irony


    30 x 21 cm / USD 1,150.00

  • King of the jungle

    King of the jungle

    30 x 21 cm / USD 415.00

  • Parrot's views

    Parrot's views

    30 x 21 cm / USD 1,300.00

  • Power ranger

    Power ranger

    30 x 21 cm / USD 620.00

  • Red room

    Red room

    27 x 35 cm / USD 800.00

  • Slope


    21 x 30 cm / USD 995.00

  • Uplifting


    21 x 30 cm / USD 745.00

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