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I first began painting when I returned to Australia in 2016. I had lived in Yokohama Japan for three years, and my painting practice was a part of my process on reflecting on my time living overseas, and also a way of trying to rediscover my Australian identity.


Pitok is a visual artist based in Sydney’s inner west. Having graduated from UNSW Art & Design (formerly the College of Fine Arts, Sydney), he has worked as a Visual Designer and Art Director commercially for the last 20 years. Since 2015 he has been creating personal painted works using gouache.

Pitok utilises still life scenes, as a means of enshrining personal objects. These objects are totems that tie us to a time and place. A memory, a person, an experience, a moment we cannot return to that has passed. These still life scenes represent the spaces we construct around us as an extension of our identity.

Drawing from the traditions of modernist painters such as Margaret Preston, and ukiyo-e woodblock prints, his works are an exploration of self-identity, a connection with the natural world, and an investigation into Australian and Japanese culture.

Pitok works in a studio space at Monster Mouse Studios, an artist collective in Marrickville, Sydney.


  • Give that Plant An Asahi

    Give that Plant An Asahi

    46 x 60 cm / USD 900.00

  • Aoi Neko

    Aoi Neko

    37 x 27 cm / USD 600.00

  • Shibori Shibari 2

    Shibori Shibari 2

    42 x 60 cm / USD 600.00

  • Shibori Shibari 3

    Shibori Shibari 3

    60 x 100 cm / USD 1,800.00

  • Suspended Teapot 1

    Suspended Teapot 1

    60 x 40 cm / USD 1,200.00

  • Aussie Shibari 2

    Aussie Shibari 2

    90 x 120 cm / USD 2,400.00

  • Aussie Shibari 1

    Aussie Shibari 1

    42 x 60 cm / USD 1,200.00

  • Suspended Teapot 2

    Suspended Teapot 2

    90 x 60 cm / Sold Out

  • Protea Tattoo Neko

    Protea Tattoo Neko

    45 x 30 cm / USD 600.00

  • Red Knot 1

    Red Knot 1

    90 x 60 cm / USD 1,800.00

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