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USD $955 ~ $2,927


How does one distill the essence of the great mysteries and complexities of nature and our fundamental connection to it. Its harshness, its power and the joy it gives. Some places invite me in- the dry, dehydrated areas of Australia, where the colour is worn to the surface, shapes lowered down into patterns that surprise.


Sally Stokes is a Sydney based abstract landscape artist who works from her studio amongst the angophoras in Dural and her boatshed studio in a remote part of the Hawkesbury river. Sally has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Analytical Psychology. She studied art at Hornsby TAFE and East Sydney TAFE (The National Art School). She has had sixteen solo shows and numerous group shows. She has been a finalist in the Sulman prize and her work has been acquired by many private collectors in Australia and internationally.


  • Uncertain and strange

    Uncertain and strange

    61 x 61 cm / USD 955.00

  • Shining like a song

    Shining like a song

    102 x 122 cm / USD 2,927.00

  • Of course, the miracle

    Of course, the miracle

    61 x 61 cm / USD 955.00

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