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I found my kind of paint on the study of divisionist paintings and I traslate this rules by using the spatula tool. My oil paintings are materics and figuratives. I make differents types of artworks: Oil, tempera, and digital paintings, sculptures and ink drawings. I interest about the sci-fi pop culture and the history of symbolism.


Nicola Testoni was born in Carbonia (Sardinia-Italy) on 1978. He was graduated at Accademia di belle arti of Bologna in 2004 with a thesis named "Behind the face, the standard, the shape, the representation" under the direction to Prof. Alberto Lolli. In 2003 he was mentioned between the finalists of the engraving prize Giorgio Morandi. Lately He has made illustrations for the book "Nella mente di Alan Moore".That's a Italy transcription of a bio about the Northampton's writer, curated by smokyman and based on The Mindscape of Alan Moore documentary directed by Dez Vylenz. On december 2019, one of his illustrations, has been published on historical pop culture magazine Linus. Actually he lives and works on the wonderfull land of Sardinia and makes some ehxibitions.


  • Unknown


    80 x 60 cm / USD 1,637.00

  • Red Ape

    Red Ape

    70 x 50 cm / USD 220.00

  • Dream on

    Dream on

    32 x 20 cm / USD 168.00

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