Hiroko Tokunaga


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USD $229 ~ $3,810


The keywords in making my works are "accumulation" and "perception".

Even though people share the same environment at the same moment, they don’t necessarily see the same thing. We select pertinent amounts of information that each unknowingly wishes to obtain, and perceive with each. It is always possible other people don’t grasp what I see.

I think everyone seems to live in a different world.

It’s said that all substances present in this world are composed of particles. In one, particles invisibly small attract each other, they become clumps, and they are seeing with the naked eye.

It seems to me that each individual fine particle seems to be a "individual perception", and many viewpoints and informations gather,accumulating one substance and landscape. I continue to produce it as if I can express it in a visible form.


  • In the forest2

    In the forest2

    83 x 53 cm / USD 3,809.52

  • Bundle


    53 x 83 cm / USD 3,809.52

  • Star trail m-5

    Star trail m-5

    41.5 x 26.5 cm / USD 1,619.05

  • Collected image-Red carpet-

    Collected image-Red carpet-

    37 x 23.5 cm / USD 1,238.10

  • Collected image-White carpet-

    Collected image-White carpet-

    37 x 23.5 cm / USD 1,238.10

  • In the forest s-2

    In the forest s-2

    21 x 21 cm / USD 895.24

  • Beyond the fog s-4

    Beyond the fog s-4

    21 x 21 cm / USD 895.24

  • Drawing1


    24 x 30 cm / USD 228.57

  • Drawing2


    24 x 30 cm / USD 228.57

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