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USD $190 ~ $1,143


deTaka was going to end his life with just a dentist. Until David Bowie's death. The funeral of friends and parents continued, and people felt dead and returned to nothing. However, he realized with a full smile three days before David Bowie's death. By expressing, people can leave incense after death. I want to live a life that I have expressed and done. From there, he studied art history and started drawing on his own.
The expression of deTaka is made with mixed media with acrylic main. It is characterized by vivid colors and bold compositions in abstract paintings,
Since Japan has both Kyoto's [Oriental] and Tokyo's big city [Western], we mainly produce two series: Oriental Wabi Sabi and Western Ornate Pop. Flowers and women are important motifs.

An artist I respect
Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Kazuo Shiraga, Joan Mitchell, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Michel Basquiat


1964Born in Hyogo Prefecture
1990Dentist, graduated from Osaka University School of Dentistry
2018 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design


  • Sky,Earth,and rainbow bridge

    Sky,Earth,and rainbow bridge

    46 x 38 cm / USD 476.19

  • Metalic Wave

    Metalic Wave

    73.7 x 61.7 cm / USD 1,142.86

  • Samurai Challenge

    Samurai Challenge

    46 x 38 cm / USD 476.19

  • Femme desiree

    Femme desiree

    73 x 61 cm / USD 952.38

  • Hydrangia


    73 x 61 cm / USD 952.38

  • Paris


    65 x 53 cm / USD 1,142.86

  • Wisteria shower

    Wisteria shower

    73 x 61 cm / USD 952.38

  • Fuji Dreams

    Fuji Dreams

    30 x 42 cm / USD 190.48

  • Night Harbor

    Night Harbor

    42 x 30 cm / USD 190.48

  • Crying Queen

    Crying Queen

    42 x 30 cm / USD 190.48

  • Grass from Concrete

    Grass from Concrete

    53 x 46 cm / USD 476.19

  • R.F.C.N.Y.(RockfellerCenterNY)


    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 190.48

  • Vessel


    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 190.48

  • Xmas tree in Manhattan

    Xmas tree in Manhattan

    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 190.48

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