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I am a full-time software engineer and self taught artist. My style is turning real-life photo references to intricate papercuts embellished with mandala patterns and currently discovering the style of paper relief. My concept revolves around the struggles that our endemic species are facing. I want to raise people's awareness of the species on the brink of extinction


I am a local artist in the Philippines that features endemic animals that are classified as critically endangered. I started my art form on 2016 and up until now. I got recognitions from various television shows here in the Philippines because of my artwork and the advocact behind it. . I got the chance to have a segment in Aha! A children's show, State of the nation with Jessica Soho, News5, Manila Bulletin and other online magazine like i alsi had my first exhibit and i have 2 upcoming exhibits after the pandemic. I always make sure that my works are not just aesthetically beautiful but also the story behind my pieces.


  • Women of the Philippines: The Ifugao

    Women of the Philippines: The Ifugao

    54 x 60 cm / USD 324.00

  • The Green Sea Turtle

    The Green Sea Turtle

    60 x 72 cm / USD 476.00

  • The Philippine Pangolin

    The Philippine Pangolin

    54 x 60 cm / USD 324.00

  • The Hawksbill Sea Turtle

    The Hawksbill Sea Turtle

    54 x 60 cm / USD 324.00

  • Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf

    54 x 54 cm / USD 286.00

  • The Betta Fish

    The Betta Fish

    54 x 60 cm / USD 324.00

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